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Your favorite meal is now just a click away. Download the Hungryji App on your smart phone and get food delivered at your doorstep. Now you may easily order food from the ease of your home or office. Currently operating only in Itanagar and Naharlagun, Arunachal Pradesh. Available for download on both android and IOS phones.

Express Delivery

We value the essence of your time and you, hence our delivery experts try their best to deliver to your doorstep at the fastest time possible. Download now on both android and IOS phones.

Your Meal Your Choice

There’s no limit to your choices now. Get access to hundreds of dishes from restaurants near you on your fingertips. We make it our endeavor to bring to you as many restaurants and dishes as possible. Available for download on both android  and IOS phones.


Super Fast Delivery

What is Hungryji App

Hungryji works as your personal steward who doesn’t need to be guided, only you command on your phone and we bring your favourite food to your doorsteps. We are swift in our approach so that your food reaches you in the shortest possible time.


Helping users eat from great places around them:
Isn’t it cumbersome to take your car out and travel to the restaurants in snail’s pace in the traffic? We are here to help you. You can choose from far away restaurants and satiate that hunger of yours without the need to step out of the comfort of your home and office.


Helping delivery boys to earn extra:
We are always on the lookout for harworking delivery personnel. We make sure that our delivery boys earn enough incentives to take care of their families.


Helping restaurants to enjoy incredible customer experiences:
By becoming a Hungryji Partner, restaurant owners can now engage with customers by using the excellent features of Hungryji, i.e., dedicated engagement and management tools, which enables restaurants to spend more time focusing on the food they make and provide  great experience to their customers.

Great App for You

Hungryji App is built to provide a user-friendly experience where user can browse through all the restaurant menus and order their food easily on their fingertips without following the complex flows. We do not only promise to provide express delivery, but also convert it into action. Once you confirm your order our delivery fleets and restaurants get into action to prepare hot and delicious food for you and deliver your food at your doorstep at the shortest time possible.


Unique Features

  • Multiple Option

    Users can easily browse through numerous dishes from among choicest of restaurants

  • Easy Order

    You can place your order based on your mood and through a very user friendly process on hungryji

  • Secure Pay

    Pay by cash or securely by Debit card/Credit Card and online payments

  • Fast Delivery

    With our experience and active delivery fleet, you will get your food in shortest time possible at the comfort of your home or office

  • Enjoy your meal

    Once you place your order you will receive the fastest possible delivery at your doorstep. Enjoy your delicious and freshly cooked meal at the comfort of your house or office.

  • Wow Offers

    At Hungryji, not only do you get food delivered to your doorsteps bu you also get discounts and offers from time to time

Unique Features

  • Wow Offers

    Using Hungryji you will not only get multiple choice of dishes but will also get many different types of offers on your bill.

  • Multiple Option

    User can do easy surfing through numerous dishes from among restaurants of your choice

  • Easy Order

    You can place your order based on your mood and have easy ordering process

  • Fast Delivery

    With our experience and active fleet, you will get your food in shortest time at your comfort place.

  • Lots of Enjoy

    You will receive fast delivery at your doorstep. Enjoy your fresh and delicious meal at the comfort of your house of office

  • Secure Pay

    Easy and secure payment for your order with Hungryji

Available on App Store and Google Play

Find your favorite food,

Order through Hungryji App,

Get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Enjoy & repeat.






How It Works


Download & Install Hungryji App

The first step to order delicious food is to download & install Hungryji on your smart phone. You can download & install from our website, Play store or Apple store.


Choose Favorite Dishes and make easy order with payment

After successful registration and login you can surf through the different restaurants browse through their menu on easily. Choose your favorite dishes, order with just a click and pay securely from your comfort place.


Share with Friends & Have Fun of offers

Share the Hungryji app with your friends and family to get special o

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Hungryji in your busy schedule

Are you having guests and not in the mood to cook? Have you run out of kitchen supplies? Now order delicious meal from choicest of restaurants in your neighborhood through Hungryji App
Busy at office? No time to step out for your meal? Download Hungryji and order from the comfort of your chair.

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